How I Saved a Thousand Dollars a Year on My Subscriptions
September 16, 2020

How I saved hundreds of dollars a month on subscriptions and decided what I could cut out of my budget and maintain my happiness quotient.

My Personal Website Migration Process
September 6, 2020

A breakdown of the process I took to migrate my website to a new CMS, design, and hosting plan.

Cheap Elgato Multi-Mount Alternative
August 18, 2020

$25 alternative to the very cool, but a bit price, Elgato Multi-Mount. A DIY mini light stand that clamps to your desk.

Ergodox EZ Review — 1 Year with the ErgoDox
July 8, 2020

My review of the Ergodox EZ after one year of continuous use.

My Working from Home Video and Audio Setup
March 24, 2020

A quick breakdown of the audio and video gear I use for video calls while working from home.

Turn on a Computer with Alexa (Easy Alternative to Wake-on-Lan)
November 16, 2019

Learn how to use Alexa on your Amazon Echo or the Google assistant to turn on your computer, just like a wake-on-lan setup but much simpler.

Streaming Desk for Twitch and Gaming
December 30, 2018

A streaming desk for Twitch, Mixer, YouTube or whatever site you fancy. It's a high-end DIY gaming desk to help you reduce clutter and up yo...

How to Use TP-Link and Netgear Powerline Network Adapters Together
April 17, 2018

Learn how to easily use TP-Link and Netgear Powerline Ethernet Adapters together.

Boost Logitech G930 Volume
August 8, 2017

Learn how to boost the audio of the Logitech G390 wireless headset.

DIY LED Lighting for Your Desk
May 24, 2017

Learn how I added voice controlled RGB LED lighting to my desk for under $50.