Learning Graphic Design: Resources & Courses

Published on August 14, 2023

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Self-initiated education is the way to learn something. But, sometimes, it is hard to know where to start. Especially in a world where “free” education is abundant and quality isn’t. Here are the resources I recommend checking out if you want to get started in graphic design.


Resources and courses to learn design theory. Think of this as the “Design 101” series.

  1. The Principles of Design
  2. Rules of Composition
  3. Color Theory
  4. Typographic Hierarchies
  5. Complete Graphic Design Course Explaining Psychology
  6. Updating Deiter Ram’s 10 Principles
  7. Three Ways that Good Design Makes You Happy


Practical examples that show how design principles are applied.

  1. Redesigning the Drivers License
  2. Golden Rules of Logo Design
  3. Redesigning a Flight Ticket


Sometimes everyone needs a helping hand or a how-to. These are how-to’s broken down by tool. Some of the learning overlaps, but some don’t. These are the tutorials I wished I had watched while learning these tools.


  1. *Adobe Photoshop CC – Essentials Training Course
  2. How to Use Layers & Masks
  3. Advanced Hair Masking


  1. Figma 101: Introduction Tutorial


  1. *Adobe Illustrator CC – Essential Training


  1. Dieline
  2. OnePageLove
  3. ReallyGoodEmails
  4. Little Big Details
  5. Dribbble

Designers to Follow

  1. Dann Petty
  2. Tobias van Schneider
  3. Aaron Draplin
  4. Andrew Kim
  5. Jessica Hische
  6. Michael Beieruit

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