What’s In My Bag in 2023

Published on December 22, 2023

Inspired by Matt Mullenweg’s annual “What’s in My Bag” post, here is my bag and its contents.

  1. Columbia Roan Mountain Jacket is packable and comfortable to wear. It’s kept me dry in light to medium rain.
  2. Free beanie someone gave me. Unsure of the brand.
  3. Cheap gloves from Target. I regularly lose my gloves, so I usually don’t buy myself a nice pair.
  4. City Cycling Rain Overpants from Decathlon. I like that these rain pants cover your shoes and create an excellent seal. I’ve never gotten wet in the two years I’ve used the pants.
  5. A spare pair of socks. I hate walking around with soggy socks, so I always keep a dry pair in my bag.
  6. The MacBook Pro 14″ M1 is compact and has handled virtually everything I’ve thrown at it over the past 2-years. However, I am considering getting a 16″ MacBook Pro. That little extra-screen real estate is valuable when working on the go.
  7. Anker 20,000 mAh Powercore Essential 20k, has been holding up well for two years. It carries enough juice to recharge my iPhone. Next year, I may swap this out for a larger battery with a higher power delivery.
  8. The Zendure 65W Universal Power Adapter replaced my previous Zendure Passport 30W power adapter. I like this one much better—plenty of USB-C ports, and a bit more compact than its predecessor.
  9. The AirPods Pro 2nd Generation are *almost* the perfect travel buds. If only I had the USB-C case…but other than that, they’re fantastic.
  10. Anker USB-C cables, they’re cheap and don’t fall apart. I like carrying a 6 ft. and 3 ft. I also bring an OEM Apple Watch cable to charge my Apple Watch and my AirPods Pro.
  11. Since taking this photo, I’ve purchased this Anker USB C Hub. Anker continues to deliver on value. It has all the ports I need for the office and travel.
  12. REI Multi Towel Mini is a tiny towel for wiping down a park bench or mopping up a spilled drink. It comes in handy when working remotely in outdoor spaces.
  13. The 5-inch hair comb takes care of helmet or hat hair after my ride to work.
  14. The SY COMPACT travel umbrella has kept me dry at many bus stops. I wouldn’t call this a high-quality umbrella, but it has been a vaulable umbrella.
  15. Bellroy has made my favorite wallet for the past decade. This travel wallet comes with me on my trips and holds my less-used membership cards.
  16. Bicycle playing cards are my fidget toy. I buy them in bulk on Amazon.
  17. The 5th-Gen iPad Pro 12.9″ works as a great travel monitor—also my preferred device for watching movies on a plane.
  18. My daily-use backpack is the Craft Cadence Backpack. I like the padded laptop/tablet insert; it gives me peace of mind. The spacious interior allows me to carry large packages or 12-packs of sparkling water home. I also appreciate the reflective touches and yellow color for additional safety while riding around the city.
  19. With its recent USB-C port, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is the best iPhone Apple has ever made.
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Ethan Thompson is a Divisional Marketing Manager for a global safety company. He has worked in the digital marketing field for 13 years and loves the challenges the ever-changing field brings. When he isn't exploring new digital marketing tactics at his desk, he's out exploring Western New York. During the warmer months, he can often be seen riding his bike around the Empire State and sampling the local beer selection.