Cheap Elgato Multi-Mount Alternative

The Elgato Multi-Mount is super cool. It’s basically a light stand that clamps to your desk. But I thought $50 was a bit pricey for something to hold up my $10 ring light. This is the cheaper DIY alternative that I came up with to mount my streaming gear to my desk.

Cheap Elgato Multi-Mount Alternative

It’s kind of DIY, in the sense that you connect the pieces together yourself, but not DIY as in this is basically what these things are made to do anyway.

Parts for Light Stand that Clamps to Your Desk

You only need a few things:

  1. Selfie-stick with 1/4″ mount on the handle
  2. A desk clamp with a 1/4″ mount
  3. USB powered LED ring light with 1/4″ mount

Then just connect them up and voila! You have a DIY light stand that clamps to your desk and saved 50% compared to an Elgato Multi-mount.

Now, the caveat, this thing isn’t super strong. So I wouldn’t put more than a few pounds of weight on it. So if you want to mount a DSLR camera to your desk, I would still go with the Elgato Multi-Mount.

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