Affordable Motorized Standing Desk from Autonomous

I built a DIY standing desk a few years ago. Like most people I can't stand for more than a few hours at a time, so I bought a drafting chair. The chair wasn't very comfortable and was pretty cheap. Sadly there aren't that many quality chairs that reach the right height for a standing desk. So after moving and getting rid of that desk, I knew I wanted to get a motorized standing desk. That would allow me to get a nice chair for when I wanted to sit down, but still give me the benefit of being able to stand for a few hours at a time.

The search began, to my dismay I couldn't find any sit/stand desks that were under $1,000 dollars. So I tabled the idea and began designing another DIY standing desk. However, after a few months I stumbled upon the Autonomous motorized standing desk. It checked all my boxes. It was an affordable motorized standing desk, looked nice, and came with a DIY option that allowed me to make my own custom desk top.

I like to research most products before I purchase them, so after a little digging I was wary of purchasing the Autonomous DIY standing desk after reading through their Facebook posts. But one of my coworkers actually happened to order a desk from them several weeks prior and I was able to see it in person and heard only good things from him. So I ordered the DIY version of their sit/stand desk. To my surprise it shipped in just a few days and arrived about a week later via Fedex.

I was able to set up the desk in about 30 minutes and I was relieved when I pushed the button and it worked as advertised. I've had the desk for about two weeks (see update below) and I would highly recommend it. It was very easy to put together, looks great, and works perfectly.

I decided to pair this desk with a decent office chair, the Lorell Executive High-Back Chair, and I haven't had any complaints. I'm now able to use a comfortable chair and stand for a few hours with just a push of a button.

If you want to get the Autonomous DIY motorized standing desk, use this discount link to save $25 on your Autonomous standing desk.


I've had my standing desk for almost a year now, and I still love it. I've also updated my PC setup and added a bunch of LEDs to it to help make it "pop".