XE.com Review – Is it Legit and Does it Work?

Having moved to the United Kingdom for work I needed a way to move some of my salary money back to the United States. A typical wire transfer from a bank would come with a fee, wouldn’t get me the best exchange rate, and would possibly take several days.

That is where XE.com comes in.

XE provides data to Google, so when you Google “How much is 1 GBP in USD” the answer provided currently uses XE’s data.

This is actually how I stumbled on XE.

Did XE.com work?

Yes. It worked flawlessly and I was able to get the best rate I could find. It also made transferring between countries a breeze.

XE makes money by taking a small amount of the difference between what the market rates are for your currency and what you actually get.

The interface is a bit clunky, but I was able to transfer my money to XE within one hour and had the money in my US bank account within two business days. Which is much faster and easier than I expected.

Would I recommend using XE?

Yes, but I’m no financial advisor or currency guru. It worked fantastically for me and I got a fair exchange in my opinion. Please consult a finance professional before making your own decision.