My Working from Home Video and Audio Setup

I posted a photo of my working from home desk setup on LinkedIn earlier today and had a few people ask about the gear I use for improved video calls while working from home.

Below I’ve listed my actual gear and some more budget-friendly alternatives for audio that will suit most people just fine:

My WFH Video Gear

This webam setup yields great results. This is a test video I recorded using the gear to give you an idea of what you can achieve for a relatively small price. The “key” here is the light. If you already own a decent webcam adding an adjustable LED light is a inexpensive way to step-up your webcam game.

My Working from Home Audio Gear

I wanted to get into making podcasts and streaming so I went a bit overboard with my audio setup. While I love all of this gear, when you add it all up it’s around $500. So probably a bit more than most want to spend. The budget list below has a setupthat will cost you under $175 and give you audio that is 10x better than the average webcam mic.

Budget Audio Gear

While I use the term “budget” here the gear below isn’t “cheap”. It’s going to be overall cheaper than the gear I listed above, but still give you fantastic audio for your Zoom, Slack, or Microsoft Teams calls. It also doesn’t require any preamps, audio interfaces, or XLR of any kind. Just straight plug-and-play USB.