The Joy of Music

Published on June 19, 2024

My childhood home was filled with music. Sunday morning I was woken up by my Dad singing, we’d sing at church, and I played violin for a time and dabbled with the bass guitar.

Music was something I took for granted.

But over the years I stopped going to church, I didn’t play any instruments, and concerts were few and far between.

I recently picked up the bass guitar again and started attending church. Both activities have infused music back into my life. It’s only now that I can see how much joy music added to my life. So many emotions and ideas can be worked out in song.

So sing us a song, piano man.

Meet the Author

Ethan Thompson is a Divisional Marketing Manager for a global safety company. He has worked in the digital marketing field for 13 years and loves the challenges the ever-changing field brings. When he isn't exploring new digital marketing tactics at his desk, he's out exploring Western New York. During the warmer months, he can often be seen riding his bike around the Empire State and sampling the local beer selection.