Hanging with Artists

Published on June 26, 2024

At a dinner a few months ago, we discussed things each of us collects. A friend of mine remarked, “Ethan collects art.”

That statement made me chuckle. Despite the playing cards, doodads, and random junk I hoard, I hadn’t actually considered the art I own as a “collection.”

My apartment is filled with art. For some reason, I never saw it as a collection, but I treasure the pieces I own and regularly seek to fill every inch of my space with more.

It’s a statement I won’t disagree with.

A few weeks after that dinner, a colleague visited my apartment in search of a specific cable for his computer build. We didn’t find the cable. But as we were leaving, he said, “I feel like I know you a lot better now.”

I asked him why, and he explained that seeing the art and objects I had showed him a side of me he hadn’t seen before.

This simple idea resonated with me. In a way, our homes and the things we cherish reflect who we are. It reminds me of the saying, “You are who you hang with.”

I think that concept extends to art. The art we display is a piece of someone—an expression of their ideas and humanity. We’re hanging with them with each piece we hang on our walls.

So, to extend the idea of sharing my inner self with the world, here are some artists that I “hang” with:

Who do you hang with?

Meet the Author

Ethan Thompson is a Divisional Marketing Manager for a global safety company. He has worked in the digital marketing field for 13 years and loves the challenges the ever-changing field brings. When he isn't exploring new digital marketing tactics at his desk, he's out exploring Western New York. During the warmer months, he can often be seen riding his bike around the Empire State and sampling the local beer selection.