Digital Ocean vs. Linode

I listen to a few different tech related podcasts on a regular basis. Almost all of them have advertised Digital Ocean and Linode at some point. So I signed up and have been a paid subscriber of both services for several months. I've compiled my thoughts on the two services to help you decide which one you should use.

Price and Performance

Linode and Digital Ocean are very close in terms of price vs. performance. But Linode comes out on top with an additional GB of RAM on their $10 plan. Their $10 a month plan gives you a VPS with 2GB of RAM, 1 CPU core, 24GB of SSD storage, and 2TB of transfer.

Digital Ocean's similarly priced plan gives you 1GB of RAM, 1 CPU core, 30GB of SSD storage, and 2TB of transfer.

But Digital Ocean also has a $5 a month plan, whereas Linode's cheapest plan is $10 a month.

Design and Usability

In my opinion Digital Ocean wins in this category. Their website has a more sleek, minimalistic design and their tools are much more user friendly. I've included screenshots of the dashboards for each service below.

Linode Dashboard

Digital Ocean Dashboard

Support and Documentation

Both Linode and Digital Ocean have well written documentation and tutorials. I tend to find Digital Ocean's content near the top of Google's search results when trying to find solutions to my common server issues. At the end of the day, I personally prefer the voice and tone of Digital Oceans tutorials more.

I've dealt with both companies support teams and both met my needs and were quick to respond. I don't believe there is a clear winner in regards to direct communication customer support.

Personal Experience

I've been hosting a few sites on Linode for a few months and they've had to reboot the server my VPS lives on at least 4 times. This has been a pretty big headache and annoyance for me. I'm sure Linode has thousands of customers who have never had this issue, but personally I've found this to be the biggest downside during my time with Linode. I've never had similar issues with Digital Ocean.

Which one should you pick?

Because of the reboot issues I've had with Linode and their less user friendly dashboard, I would recommend going with Digital Ocean. That being said, I'm no power user. If you're looking for a bit more power and are already well versed in Linux operating systems, Linode may be a better choice for you. But for the average person looking to set up a VPS I think Digital Ocean is a better choice.