Apollo Ghost Brake Pads for CHEAP

I purchased an Apollo Ghost scooter last year to replace my Ride1Up Core-5 eBike. After 680 miles of epic riding I needed to replace my brakepads. I logged onto Apollo’s website to order a new set of brakepads, but after discovering their shipping was $20, I decided to look for a cheaper alternative.

Do my $6 set of replacement brakepads for the Apollo Ghost actually work?

That’s when I discovered this Magitati $6 set of cheap brakepads on Amazon. I was a bit skeptical because the price seemed a bit too low, but for $6 figured it was worth a try.

Low and behold, they work great! It only took me 10 minutes to change them out and these bad boys are great. Being that they’re only a few dollars a pad I’m going to be ordering a few more sets to keep on hand so I can change out my old brakepads right away.