Apollo Ghost Brake Pads for CHEAP

Published on November 10, 2022

I purchased an Apollo Ghost scooter last year to replace my Ride1Up Core-5 eBike. After 680 miles of epic riding I needed to replace my brakepads. I logged onto Apollo’s website to order a new set of brakepads, but after discovering their shipping was $20, I decided to look for a cheaper alternative.

Do my $6 set of replacement brakepads for the Apollo Ghost actually work?

That’s when I discovered this Magitati $6 set of cheap brakepads on Amazon. I was a bit skeptical because the price seemed a bit too low, but for $6 figured it was worth a try.

Low and behold, they work great! It only took me 10 minutes to change them out and these bad boys are great. Being that they’re only a few dollars a pad I’m going to be ordering a few more sets to keep on hand so I can change out my old brakepads right away.

Meet the Author

Ethan Thompson is a Divisional Marketing Manager for a global safety company. He has worked in the digital marketing field for 13 years and loves the challenges the ever-changing field brings. When he isn't exploring new digital marketing tactics at his desk, he's out exploring Western New York. During the warmer months, he can often be seen riding his bike around the Empire State and sampling the local beer selection.