5 favorite podcasts

  1. This Week in Tech

    TWIT is one of the longest running podcasts, certainly the longest running tech podcast. Each week a group of technology pundits get together to talk about what has happened in the world of the internet, computers, phones, robots, etc. Leo Laporte is one of my favorite personality's and he always keeps the conversation moving in a interesting direction.
  2. Startup

    I first heard about Startup from their pilot episode that was aired on This America Life. From then on I was hooked. Hearing about Alex and Matt's failures and successes had me staying up late for weeks just to listen to the latest episode. The first season ended over a year ago and the focus was placed on other startups, but the subsequent seasons have proven to be just as good as the first.
  3. Reply All

    Reply All is about the internet. That may seem like a broad and impossible topic to cover, but PJ and Alex do a great job telling stories about incredible characters, weird websites, and email debt.
  4. This American Life

    Ira Glass, creator of This American Life, is one of my storytelling heroes. I have never listened to an episode of TAL and thought "Huh, wish I would have skipped that one." If you enjoy listening to a good story and learning more about the world around you, subscribe to TAL right now.
  5. Planet Money

    Epic stories of entrepreneurship, bold tales of money laundering schemes, and funny anecdotes about the way our economy works. Planet Money covers a wide spectrum of "money" related topics. It may sound like a boring niche podcast, but trust me, it isn't.